Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Storyland Adventure

The last week of summer vacation we decided we needed one last hooray before Lanny went back to school. Our friends told us about a children's amusement park in the White Mountains of New Hampshire called Storyland so we decided to look into it. There are tons of little inexpensive places to stay with storyland packages so we got a great deal and had soooooo much fun!!!! Storyland had tons of rides for children 12 and under and the theme of the park is just children's stories and fairytales. This one was a panda ride (basically a log ride) Ethan loved it and went on it over and over with Lanny! The rule was if you can walk you can go on the ride so we actually took Asher on it once and he loved it.

This is just a picture of some of the park but I took it because it showed some of the white mountains in the background...covered with trees! I love all the trees back east.

This was Ethan's very favorite ride. He loves to get wet and this one soaks you. This was one of the last rides we went on and I am oh so glad because after he went on it he only wanted to do it over and over. We actually took turns riding it with him until the park closed.

Poor Asher had to talk a really long stroller ride while Ethan was riding the water ride. I love this picture because it shows off his big blue eyes!

This was taken in a crazy ball room. They had a huge two story room with all sorts of guns that shot foam balls. So it was basically a huge ball fight. It was so fun...we probably stayed an hour just playing and shooting adults and kids.

This was Cinderella's castle. They take you up to it in a pumpkin carriage.

This was inside Cinderella's castle. Lanny and Ethan decided they both wanted to be king for the day.

They had a ball pit for little kids and for big kids. I am not sure if Asher really liked this because he just kept trying to get out.

The park was so clean and beautiful. They had wild flowers all over and they were all so bright and colorful!

Lanny and Ethan driving a swan boat. Lanny let Ethan drive the first little while, but they got dizzy because he just kept driving in circles, so Lanny had to take over.

Little Ash!

They had a submarine that had all sorts of water features. Ethan had to wait in line forever for this because the big kids kept butting in front of him. I finally got mad and went over and told the big kids what was up...they quickly let him have a turn.

This was the underwater splash and play area with the submarine. I was trying to take pictures and I kept getting sprayed.
Storyland was so fun and clean! We would highly recommend it if you are ever in the area. It is located in Glen, New Hampshire. We spent all day here and still didn't get to do everything in the park.

Sorry I am so slow at posting...I will try and catch up!