Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ethan's 5th Birthday

I can't believe Ethan is already 5! Time flies when you are sleep deprived...I mean having fun! :) He is such an awesome little boy and I am oh so lucky to be his mom! He told me I am his best friend and I honestly can't think of anything better than that! He is still obsessed with Superheroes. He has branched out a little lately and has gotten into Lego's and video games. I asked him if he wanted a friend birthday party and he said no, just family. I was excited I didn't have to put anything on but then the day of his birthday he asked when his friends were coming over to have cake. AHHHH! We were already having Joy School at our house the next day so we had Birthday cake with his Joy School class mates and he was happy.

Ethan loved blowing out his candles so we did it a couple times. Don't you just love a little spit with your birthday cake? :)

Ethan was thrilled with the Yoda cake but was disappointed that Yoda's light saber was red. I know red light sabers are only used by the sith...but the gel colors were limited at the grocery store and they didn't have another shade of green. Oh well!

I asked Ethan what kind of cake he wanted. He said he wanted a Yoda Cake. I was actually asking about the flavor but I guess I should have been more specific. I looked on-line to try and think of how to do a Yoda cake and they had really cool molds and stuff but it was the day before so I had to come up with my own idea. This is what I ended up doing....I took a coloring page of Yoda and placed a piece of wax paper over it. I then traced it with frosting gel and then flipped it over onto the frosted cake. I gently rubbed the wax paper and pulled it off slowly. It worked perfectly.

Pirate Legos- I actually ended up building the set the first time for him because he was so impatient, but he has since taken it apart and built lots of cool lego pirate things. He has a great imagination.

It is our tradition to open presents right after we wake up, this is why he is in his pj's and sporting the cute bed head hair. He is really into Batman the Brave and the Bold series...this is Aquaman.