Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 2

The boys love Halloween. The candy and superhero costumes, what more could little boys want. Ethan was excited to be the X-Man, Wolverine!
This year, Asher was a Giraffe. Perhaps next year he will follow his brother's example and be a superhero.

Of course, we had a Halloween party in joy school.
We loved Benjamin, Julia, Aliya, and Ethan's costumes.

Halloween 1

This year's ward Trunk-or-Treat party was a blast. The boys had a great time. Ethan loved getting candy and playing with all of the costumed kids. Asher enjoyed sitting in the trunk and eating candy.
Asher wanted to hide from all of the scary Halloween monsters

Ethan loves Halloween and especially the monsters. At the grocery store, he had to have the Frankenstein cake.

Ethan getting ready to trick-or-treat by making Play-Doh monsters.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sharon Vermont 2

Sharon Vermont 1

We decided to visit Sharon Vermont with our great friends Hannah and Tyler. It was so neat to see the serene views in Vermont as we traveled to the birth place of Joseph Smith. The memorial is set within the most beautiful grove of trees. It's no wonder Joseph was so filled with the spirit after living in such a breathtaking place.

Maine Lobster Dinner-Yummy!

Walden Pond 2

Walden Pond 1

We love to visit Walden Pond to get a transcendental view of God's aesthetic world and the serenity gained in nature. Walden is especially beautiful in the fall.

Okay, my husband has no fashion sense, but you know what, I don't think he even cares. What can I say, he's a goof!

Salem in the Fall

Most people believe Salem is spooky in the fall, however we love it! It is one of our new Boston traditions.
They obviously thought Ethan was a witch.

I think Asher is a little cold.

Ethan doing his favorite past time-digging in dirt.


It was great to be able to visit Denver after Mark's wedding. Even though Lanny was unable to be with us, we still had a blast with Grandma and Grandpa France. Also, I finally saved enough money to buy a new camera, so experimenting is awfully fun.

Ethan versus Captain H2O

Asher is just like his big brother, he loves water!

Mark's Wedding

Here is my attempt to catch-up with our family blog. We had the opportunity to go to Utah as a family to attend Mark's wedding to the beautiful Camille in the Bountiful Temple. It's funny, they are the epitome of Barbie and Ken. Anyway, it was very fun to see all of my family, good ole' Utah, and have the time for the boys to play with their cousins.