Monday, November 16, 2009

Leaving Boston

(Mt. Auburn Cemetery- down the street from our home in Boston. I would take walks here as much as I could. It might sound kind of morbid but it was simply beautiful in every way and it is so big I could take a different path every time I went. So peaceful and lovely I couldn't help but feel de-stressed after visiting here)

Well Lanny graduated and after looking for a couple months for a good job with no success we decided to leave Boston. The cost of living is insane and Lanny was offered a couple jobs but none of them paid enough for me to stay home with the boys, so we decided it just wasn't worth it. I will miss so many things about Boston...the breathtaking fall, spring, and summer....the history....and most of all our friends! I will not miss the winters, driving, cost of living, and the winters....ok I said winters twice but hey they are miserable!

So were did we move....Heaven! not literally Heaven but I think Colorado is close to it. I love everything about Colorado! I love the mountains and have missed them so much. Yes, Colorado does have snow but it is nothing like Boston. It snows here and then melts and the sun comes out. The sun comes out all the fact we have more full days of sunshine than San Diego! So if I love the sun so much why don't I move to a warmer climate....well I love the 4 seasons and the green scenery!

Well since we weren't exactly sure what we would be doing my parents were kind enough to let us move into their basement until we get things all figured out. I love spending time with my family and Ethan and Asher are loving all the attention from Grandma and Grandpa! I do miss having my own place and get embarrassed when I get overly grumpy with my kids or my honey in front of my parents...but I feel blessed to be taken in by family and for now it feels heavenly to be home!


Melissa said...

It's so fun to see you blogging again. I can't believe how big Asher is. What the WHAT? When did that happen? I'm glad you guys are home and I'm jealous of the mountains! Good luck finding a job. I'm sure it's probably a crappy time to be on the job hunt. Good luck!

Suzette's Life said...

Well, I wanted to come visit you and Boston, but I guess Colorado will do. I would love to go back and visit both places. I have always told myself, if I lived anywhere outside of would be Colorado. Mostly because of the fun and wonderful experiences I had with you and your family! Glad that you are back and I hope you have much more luck finding a good job there! Good luck with everything!

Jenn said...

We miss you! Boston misses you! Colorado does sound nice though. I'm sure you're loving being with family. Keep us posted on where life takes you. In the meantime, you'll have to let us know if Colorado winter really is milder than Boston. I will try not to get jealous (we're still enjoying the tail end of a beautiful fall)!

The Rich Family said...

You are back in Colorado??!! How lucky are you!!! Brad is from there and we lived there a few years ago for about nine months. I LOVED it and its the only place I want to end up. I want to raise my family there and retire there so bad. But for now, I don't know if you heard, we are moving to Newport Beach California because that is where Brads new job is. I'm hoping I will love it as much as people say I will. Congratulations on the move! I wish I could live with my parents for a while!:)

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