Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ethan's graduation

I did Joy school with Ethan this year. I really wanted to send him to preschool but since we
live in Boston the tuition was more than I paid a semester for my undergrad degree....crazy hu!
Thankfully some of the other Mom's in our ward decided they wanted to do a joy school.
For those of you who don't know what Joy school is a preschool that you do in your home.
You buy the curriculum online and then each of the mom's take turns teaching a week at a time. The curriculum is value based rather than academic based. I had fun doing it with Ethan most of the time. Sometimes he thought he had to be a clown and spent most of the morning in his room in time out. Oh well! These pics are from his graduation. We had a picnic with the families to celebrate this fun day!

The cute kids: Benjamin, Aliya, Julia, and Ethan

Stacy made these cute cupcakes was a little warm and the cute hats started to melt.

Yes! I got my diploma :)

Kids and Mommies

I like this picture because you can totally see their personalities. Benjamin and Ethan do not like performing in front of a group and Aliya and Julia love it!

Go Ethan! I love my little stud!


Lacee Kay said...

Your family is so precious! Congrats on 2 of your boys graduating! I can't believe how big Asher and Ethan are... too cute!! I love and miss you guys tons... let's set up a play date in Vegas! Love you!

Live Love Laugh - Leder said...

What a stud! Ethan- I wish I could give you a big HIGH FIVE!

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