Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lanny's Graduation

Lanny graduated this May with his Master's degree in Near Eastern and Judaic studies with an emphasis in Islamic studies and Arabic from Brandeis University! Whoa what a mouth full. I am seriously proud of him! He worked so hard and got all A's. He even finished his thesis right after he underwent reconstructive knee surgery. This stud is dedicated! He loved school so much he is considering a PHD. I am all for that! I think a professor is one of the sexiest occupations....big brains =good looks....right? Well Lanny definitely has both! Way to go honey, I couldn't be any more proud of you!

Our little family

I feel like this degree is a 10th mine...I had to do all the background work you know!

His pleased parents! We are sooooo blessed to have their love and support. I loved that they got to come out and celebrate this occasion with us! The boys love spending time with Grandma and Grandpa!

Feel the love

Ugh....this is the only shot I got of Lanny receiving his diploma. You try and take a three second shot and chase a 1 year old!

This is one of the buildings at Brandeis. Ethan loves it because it was a castle.

Grandpa Lee asked to go and see Walden pond again. This is one of my favorite places around Boston. I feel instant peace when I walk around this beautiful pond. Ethan ran full speed into the water without asking if he could go swimming. Good thing I know Ethan's tendencies and had an extra set of clothes in the car. Now that I think about it I should have put him in his swimsuit and brought a towel!

Ethan enjoying the pond!

Lanny and his Mommy! We love you Grandma!

Grandpa and Grandma Las Vegas with Asher enjoying the nice spring weather at Walden!


Danny & Josalyn said...

lanny's mom looks super young. not looking like a g-ma

Suzette's Life said...

WOW, what an accomplishment. Congratulations Lanny!!! Good job, Heather...I am sure you helped with that. :)

Shelley said...

Congrats, to both of you! I had no idea Lanny was interested in the Middle East. I spent a semester in Jerusalem and loved it.

Danny & Josalyn said...

ya andy got married in colorado. in a mansion in highlands ranch, it was pretty cool.

The Rich Family said...

You look so pretty in that red dress! Congratulations to your husband! I bet you guys are so excited he's graduated!

Live Love Laugh - Leder said...

WA HOO- YEAAAAAA! I need a bigger font! Lanny you are the man!
We love you!
You are the best! You are so awesome! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU...the photos actually made me cry....really we are so proud of you!

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